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Temp Labour Agency delivering Temporary Labour: General, Skilled, Safety Ticketed, LEO's, UnTicketed Trades, Apprentice, and Journeyman Tradesmen

Accepting Day Work Opportunities for Workers in Calgary and Edmonton

Quality Screened Temp Labor Services for Construction Contractors

Performance over a Full Days Shift and Overtime or over the Shift Minimum of just Four Hours

- New Workers Wanted - Contact office to attend an Orientation: Mon - Thur

We Support Efforts Toward Improving the Economic Secuity of Socially Marginalized Members of our Community. Appropriately Able and Experienced Adult Women, Indiginous, LGBTQ and Shelter Challenged Locals are Encouraged to Apply



Western Labour (WL) delivers temporary labour support to General Contractors and Commercial Construction companies. We offer qualified temp workers as General, Skilled, Ticketed or Journeyman day labour in Calgary and Edmonton. Call a WL temp labour agency today for a temp labour solution! We are committed to providing the most appropriate Worker(s) for the job. WL Temp Workers work on commercial construction sites of diverse work environments. Ticketed Workers Available: CSTS, Fall Arrest, AWP, Zoom-Boom, LEO, Traffic Control, Confined Space, First Aid and Journeyman.

WL is 100% locally owned and operated. Repeat business is the indicator of our success. You only have to work with us on a few occasions to see the value in choosing WL as your temporary labour supplier. Any issue or changing need is addressed immediately. You can be sure our Workers arrive at your site equipped, able, with all PPE, presentable, on time and in a mind set of ready-to-go.

Using an in-person approach by ownership and management, WL assures you standards of performance and safety are consistently met. Accountability is unmatched when you deal directly with the Branch Manager, President or CEO! No sales or operations employee can match the strength of commitments made directly to you by ownership. Most business's can not offer that kind of connection while at WL it is done every day.

Are you looking for some proven reliable Temporary Workers? WL can ensure the perspective Worker fits your needs of the job. Call us today!

Are you looking for work? Are you looking for a chance for additional experience or interested in working in a variety of companies for short term periods? Are you new to the area and wanting to get you're foot in the door? Does cash paid daily or a weekly paycheck work for you? WL can help you have these and more!

Building on Positive Experiences

Western Labour hires from a screened pool of labour producing experienced temps having the skills to meet worksite demands. We are 100% AB family owned and operated. Providing personalized temporary labour services to construction contractors and companies.

• Reliable Workers physicaly capable, mentaly prepared, safety trained and having the experience
• Screened for Quality construction Temps on a daily basis
• WL vehicles and drivers ensure labour arrives at the requested time
• Large pool of trades, ticketed, skilled and general Workers
• Workers have appropriate PPE and are WCB insured
• Wages, Government Income Tax, CPP and EI contributions are managed and paid by WL
• Immediate action to changing situations
• Negate HR costs for time, recruiting, hiring and severance

For Our Workers

To those we hire, we pay a living wage as a minimum for General Labour. Jobs requiring experience or training provide an increased wage. Wages relate directly to the work performed.

WL Workers have direct access to management and ownership

Labour Solutions

Dependable Temporary Workers are only a phone call away

• Workers available 7 days a week / 24 hours per day
• Pay a flat hourly rate for hours worked
• Wages, payroll taxes, insurance, HR and government reporting are covered for you
• Minimized impact of changing labour need, skilled labour shortages, subtrades needing support, coming deadlines, covering of staff holidays, changing weather or snow fall
• Production support and Continued Customer Satisfaction are what WL is built on

Relationship Building with You

We build client relationships to better know their working requirements and be successful in satisfying them

Our commitment to service, dedication to the detail and the higher quality of our screened labour are the reasons WL should be your vendor of Temporary Labour.


We recruit, assess, hire and manage our Temporary Construction Workers. We have a track record of providing superior construction employment solutions.

Specialized Industry Knowledge - Specialized recruitment in the construction industry meeting the unique skills and requirements of the construction industry. We have broad connections in the industry and know where to locate the best people.

Quick Response Time – Because we are constantly recruiting our Workers, we have a database of qualified Temporary Workers ready to go to work.

Carefully Screened, Qualified Workers – Our recruiting, screening processes means you get qualified Temporary Workers having the necessary skills to perform the work.