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Western Labour supplies Temporary Construction Labour Support Services. We are committed to providing a personalized labour service using a distinct 'hands on' approach.


Skilled Labour
Ticketed Labour
Equipment Operators
Traffic Control
General Labour
Temporary Labour
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Construction Services

Quality Construction Labour Support Making A Difference

Our clients are among the most successful construction companies in Alberta. It's knowledge from experience sourcing construction labour that makes us a valued addition to your team. Rely on us to source, screen, orientate and deliver the most appropriate labour available. Western Labour supplies personalized labour services to construction sites in Calgary and Edmonton. Call WL for commercial trade labour support services delivered to your site(s).

We take a Team approach with our clients. Allowing WL to be a part of your Team not only reduces headaches but also unnecessary burden associated with staffing your jobs up or down. WL ownership is active in all aspects of the business. There is just no greater commitment you can receive than commitment from ownership!

We work with employees that are proven workers. We liaise with them regularly to make sure they are on task. WL is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations handling all your commercial and residential construction staffing needs. WL offers competitive pay to all those we dispatch.

Building on Trust

Western Labour provides the labour pool necessary to support fluctuating Commercial Construction Labour demands. WL is an 100% Alberta owned and operated company. Old School type Trust is earned via a succession of success working together.

• WL will supply labour on time and as needed.
• WL’s fleet of vehicles and drivers ensure labour arrives at the requested time.
• Large pool of skilled workers available to Calgary or Edmonton and surrounding area.
• WL covers all WCB, provincial and federal payroll taxes.
• Reliable workers that are capable to perform work required.
• Immediate response to resolve concerns.
• Burdens in hiring, layoffs and terminations are avoided.

For Our Workers

We offer competitive pay AND incentives for all those we recruit.

Construction Labour Solutions

Dependable labour is only a phone call away.
• Workers available 7 days a week / 24 hours per day
• Pay only a flat hourly rate for hours worked
• We cover all taxes, insurance, government forms and reporting
• Never worry about labour shortages, absenteeism challenges or continued rehiring paperwork
• Customer Satisfaction is our job

Teaming Up With You

Western Labour will utilize its' Team to deliver an as required labour support services.

Our commitment to success and dedication to your details are reasons why Western Labour should be your choice for your construction labour.

Quality Local Labour

We recruit, assess, hire and manage temporary construction employees. We have a history of providing successful construction employment solutions:

Specialized Knowledge - Specialized construction recruitment meeting unique skills and requirements of today's construction industry. WL can utilize numerous connections built over many years in the industry ... We know where to locate the best people!

Quick response time – Because we are constantly recruiting people, we have a database of qualified workers ready to go to work.

Carefully screened, qualified workers – Our recruiting, screening processes means you get qualified workers possessing the necessary skills and training to do the job successfully.

Available Trades

Offering a wide variety of skilled tradesmen:


• Rough Frame
• Finish / Trim
• Steel Stud
• Acoustical Ceiling
• Forms


• Hang
• Finish / Tape


• Finishers
• Rake
• Straight Edge
• Cribbers
• Formwork

General Labour

• Demo Work
• Clean Up
• Sweeping
• Moving / Stacking Materials
• Trailer Setup
• Site Fencing
• Digging
• Manual Labour

Sheet Metal

• Metal Duct
• Spiral Duct
• Exposed / Concealed
• Fabrication

Ticketed Labour

• Flagger / Traffic Control
• Fall Arrest
• Confined Space
• Confined Space Monitoring
• First Aid
• Safety Officer

Equipment Operators

• Backhoes
• Dozers
• Bobcats
• Loaders
• Man Lifts
• Zoom Boom
• Compaction Tamper
• Packer


• Interior / Exterior
• Prep
• Brush and Roll
• Airless Spray


• Sod
• Dirt / Gravel
• Sidewalk Blocks / Paving Stones
• Deck / Patio
• Fencing